Cit'ergie, the French counterpart of the European Energy Award (eea) programme, is administered and disseminated through the regional offices of ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency. Participating municipalities are provided with technical assistance for entering the programme and financial support during the certication process, and integrated in the Cit'ergie network.

In addition to highlighting the ambitious sustainable energy policies of local governments, Cit'ergie is promoted as an operational tool for structuring and executing a Territorial Energy & Climate Plan, taking action under Agenda 21, complying with commitments made under the Covenant of Mayors, and the implementation of local energy and climate policies.

Status of the eea in France

The Cit'ergie programme was launched in 2007 with the certification of the first French eea municipalities Besançon, Echirolles and Montmélian and the Europe's first eea agglomeration, Grenoble Alpes Métropole. Since then, the number of municipalities involved in the Cit'ergie programme has increased constantly. At the beginning of 2019, 167 municipalities are participating in the Cit'ergie programme. Of these municipalities, which have a total population of nearly 20 million people, 45 have qualified for the Cit'ergie label (which corresponds to eea certification) and 2 for the Cit'ergie Gold label (eea Gold certification).

Participating municipalities are recognised as being well positioned for the preparation of Territorial Climate Action Plans (PCAET), which are compulsory in France for municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Participating municipalities in January 2019