5. Internal Organisation

Internal structures

The municipality ensures that the necessary human resources (in terms of both quality and quantity) are available for energy and climate protection as well as the monitoring of the eea process within the local administration.

There is an eea committee/energy committee responsible for elaborating, implementing and monitoring the energy and climate concept and eea process.

Internal processes

The municipality has a defined system to sensitise and motivate its staff to implement energy and climate measures in their daily work and become role models.

The municipal energy and climate committee conducts annual reviews / monitoring of eea processes based on the defined climate reduction pathway / energy and climate policy programme. The energy policy programme is adapted based on the results of the review and monitoring process. Annual reviews are communicated both internally and externally.

The municipality promotes and requires energy- and climate-relevant, target group-specific development and training for its staff and political representatives. Participation is documented.


The municipality provides an annual budget for energy and climate policy to fund the ongoing development of basic concepts, requisite human resources, calls for experts, PR work and cooperation in order to implement resolved measures and monitor their implementation.