The European Energy Award is organised on three different levels:

International level    National level    Municipal level

International level: Association European Energy Award AISBL

The Association European Energy Award brings together all national eea organisations and various European Energy Award Gold municipalities as members. The Association offers a platform for the international exchange of ideas and for quality assurance and further development of the tool.

Tasks of the association eea

The international organisation of the European Energy Award is based on the subsidiarity principle, and the Association eea therefore exclusively takes on tasks that national eea trustees are unable to perform. The role of the Association eea essentially consists of coordinating national developments and calibrating and harmonising the work of the eea in order to ensure that a consistent, high standard is achieved at the international level. Another important task is to position the eea internationally, and the Association finally supports the establishment of national eea programmes in new countries. Main target groups are present and new eea trustees.

The Board for strategic decisions

The Board of the Association European Energy Award AISBL comprises the following members:

  • Mariadonata Bancher, Agentur für Energie Südtirol KlimaHaus, Italy
  • Fenn Faber, MY ENERGY GIE, Luxembourg
  • Thekla Heinel, European Energy Award programme, Germany
  • Gudrun Heute-Bluhm, Städtetag Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Chair
  • Maren Kornmann, Trägerverein Energiestadt, Switzerland
  • Jochem Pferdehirt, EnergieAgentur.NRW, Germany
  • Barbara Schwickert, Trägerverein Energiestadt, Switzerland
  • Helmut Strasser, e5 Österreich-Programm für energieeffiziente Gemeinden, Austria, Vice-Chair
  • Gilbert Théato, MY ENERGY GIE, Luxembourg
  • Gregor Thenius, e5 Österreich-Programm für energieeffiziente Gemeinden, Austria
  • Nicolas Vallée, ADEME, France
  • Eric Vésine, ADEME, France


 Support of the Board

In 2014, the following two working groups have been appointed to prepare the basis for discussion for the board of the Association eea:

  • Working Group Development, Quality
  • Working Group Dissemination

European Energy Award Office

The eea Office is the Executive Office of the Association eea. It is mainly responsible for the daily management and administration of the Association, the coordination and communication among the members and bodies of the Association, quality assurance tasks, the administration and coordination of eea Gold certification, the organisation of meetings and events and PR and communication activities.

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National level

The national EEA organizations lead the EEA process at the national level. They support participating municipalities by organizing meetings for exchanging ideas and providing advisor training, tools etc. The organizational structures of national EEA organizations vary between countries. There may be different sub-organizations like an awarding committee, a communication committee, etc.

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Municipal level

Municipalities, cities, regions

Municipalities, cities and regional associations of municipalities (agglomerations, districts etc.) are the key players of the eea. Municipalities are represented by their Energy Teams, which are responsible for implementing the eea process and energy and climate policy activities.

European Energy Award advisors

eea advisors provide technical and organisational support to municipalities throughout the eea process. These advisors are specially qualified energy consultants accredited by national eea organisations. They are required to pursue ongoing professional development in the form of eea training events and exchanges of experiences.

European Energy Award auditors

eea auditors carry out external audits of municipalities together with eea advisors. Where external audits are intended for awarding with the European Energy Award Gold, they are conducted by two international auditors.

eea organisation chart