Join the eea as a country or region

Any country or region can join the programme by acquiring a licence that grants them the exclusive right to use the European Energy Award instruments in the respective country or region. In return, the licensee undertakes to respect all the quality requirements of the Association European Energy Award AISBL. The eea programme is best integrated into an existing energy or climate protection programme for local authorities; alternatively such a programme can be launched by engaging with the eea process. The legal form of national/regional eea sponsors is not prescribed; these can be government institutions, private businesses, associations etc.

If you are interested in joining the eea programme as a new country/region, please follow these initial steps:

  • Contact the eea Office
    We will be happy to support you as you proceed.
  • Consider which key players within your country/region should be included in the eea programme (government institutions, municipal associations, private energy consultants etc.) and start contacting potential partners already.
  • Investigate possible sources of funding for an initial test phase of the programme with about 1-3 participating municipalities.
  • Launch an eea test phase and complete the standard eea process for 1-3 municipalities with the support of the International office or an experienced national eea organisation.

We look forward to meeting you!