European Energy Award Gold municipalities

The European Energy Award Gold

The European Energy Award Gold is the highest award given for municipal energy and climate protection activities at the European level. It is awarded to municipalities that have implemented at least 75 per cent of measures within their scope of action and have thus demonstrated an exemplary commitment to a sustainable energy future.

The award requires municipalities to be audited by two auditors, a national one and an international one. Applications for certification must be submitted to the national eea commission, which forwards them to the Association European Energy Award AISBL, the certifying authority for the European Energy Award Gold.


The European Energy Award involves the analysis and evaluation of municipalities’ efforts and achievements in the fields of energy and climate protection, with the evaluation taking into account not only the national and regional context, but also municipalities’ individual scopes of action. This ensures that municipal achievements can be effectively compared both at the national and the international level. The comparison is conducted annually through the eea benchmarking process. Municipalities’ results are based on external audits, which are performed every four years. Participating municipalities are therefore able to compare performances and boost their energy efficiency profiles at the European level.

European Energy Award Gold Benchmarking 2019

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